Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quiet Time Challenge Check-In

How is everyone doing on their quiet time? I almost decided to miss mine a couple of nights ago when it was quite late, baby guy was still awake and I was pretty tired. However, I decided I would just read one chapter of the Bible (which is my normal amount) and pray for a few minutes with baby guy crawling around at my feet. I was so glad that I did. It reminded me that something is better than nothing. Sometimes I have a lot to give and sometimes I don't, but I'm going to do my best to give what I have...and I will try to slot it in earlier in the day, too!

I'm looking forward to covering teaching composition tomorrow as we continue our series on Charlotte Mason Basics.

Also, for those of you following along on the Home Blessing as a Family plan, make sure to have your room-by-room cleaning task lists ready for the next step on Monday. There is a sample here if you need some inspiration.


  1. Eh, I was just thinking that it's not going like I planned. So far, I've only managed to read my devotional book everyday, which is an improvement, but I was hoping to do a bit more. Maybe that'll be my challenge in February=)

  2. Well, if it wasn't a challenge, we would just call it a 'Quiet Time Easy' right? Way to go on reading the devotional book everyday. :)