Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Blessing as a Family - First Day's Chore Lists

Done! Earlier today, I blogged about my new plan to revamp our Home Blessing system. It starts with listing all the chores that need to be done in a particular room, one room per day. I actually chose two areas today since I was just sitting watching my pathetic, sick, 5 year old daughter be soothed by a warm bath. Naturally, I listed the chores for the bathroom I was in and I also did the hallway/stairs just outside the bathroom. It is definitely essential to be able to see the area for which you are making the chore list.

I thought the lists would be very short. I was surprised to see how many individual jobs there are to be done. Here are my lists:

Upstairs Bathroom
  • wipe counter and back of toilet
  • empty garbage
  • wash shower curtain
  • wash bathmats
  • vacuum/sweep floor
  • clean sink
  • clean/shine faucets
  • clean mirror
  • clean soapdish
  • clean toilet inside and outside
  • check floor for clutter
  • change handtowel
  • clean tub/faucets/showerhead
  • wipe shower walls
  • clean window
  • sweep cobwebs
  • dust medicine cabinet/baseboard heater/candle
  • wipe baseboards
  • wipe down walls
Upstairs Hall/Stairs
  • sweep cobwebs
  • wipe walls/baseboards
  • wipe doorknobs/light switches
  • vacuum
  • check for clutter
  • dust pictures
  • wash window
  • wipe window ledge
WHEW! It makes me tired just listing everything. Good thing I have so many little workers!


  1. Hi, came by a link and because I'm a non-lurker by nature, wanted to say hi. I enjoyed reading some of your posts--I'm a homeschool mom of one (I have two older, but didn't homeschool them, 19 & 17). I think I'll make a list today myself, I really need one!

  2. Hi Stacey,
    I'm so glad you are here. It is always a blessing to have experienced parents visit. :)