Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Blessing as a Family

Photo courtesy of Geekgirly

I love the term 'home blessing' coined by the FlyLady. I think that it truly depicts what it is we are doing when we are cleaning our dwelling. More accurately, we could call it 'family blessing', but that sounds like someone is preggers. ;) We are not merely 'doing chores'. Rather, we are taking an opportunity to serve one another and to serve alongside one another as we maintain our home. We are, in effect, washing one another's feet.

Anyway, I realized recently that my plan for home blessing needed some improvement. Now that I have several children who can help out in a significant way, I need to re-vamp our system and outline more exact specifications for each job so that everyone isn't floundering wondering what they should be doing during home blessing time.

I have a plan which will leave me with the specifics I need to assign tasks to everyone on an age-appropriate basis. Care to join me? Let's get started:

  1. Grab a small notebook and a pen.
  2. Each day choose one room of your home to focus on -- not to clean, but just to plan for.
  3. List all the cleaning chores you can think of that need to be done as regular maintenance for that room. Look at walls, floors, horizontal surfaces. At this point, you don't need to decide when or how often to do the tasks or who will do them. Just list them for now.
I'll give you (and me!) two weeks to finish up this task and then we'll move on to the next phase.

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