Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stylin' in the Kitchen

I don't always post pictures of my crafts because:
  1. sometimes it is embarrassing how many I do
  2. this isn't specifically a crafty blog and non-crafters might get bored
However, I thought everyone might appreciate this lovely apron. I bought this pattern 10 months ago, just before my youngest baby was born. I thought I'd make it before his birth, but I just managed to get to it yesterday. I also made my sister an apron for her birthday earlier in December and I 'winged' one inspired by the pattern for my 7 year old daughter for Christmas.

The pattern is called, Emmeline published by SewLiberated. I really like it because it is so non-aprony and will actually make me feel dressed up a bit when I am just wearing my regular stay-at-home clothes. Shallow or not, I find that looking nice always raises my spirits a little. :)

Here is my new apron!

And, it is reversible!! This is actually my favourite side.

This is the one I made for my daughter for Christmas. She is such a lovely, willing helper in the kitchen that I thought it would be fun if we could match. She says I can wear the pink side of mine when we are working together and the other side when I am working alone. :)

Do you have a favourite apron? I'd love to hear about it, if you do!


  1. What fashionable aprons!! You did a great job Christine :) I have been playing catching up since we got back on line and somehow i found your blog- what a nice treat - Happy New Year


  2. Thanks, Emma! I just followed over to your blog -- I didn't even know you had one. I will add you to my regular reads. :)