Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oatmeal for Breakfast...AGAIN?!?!

Photo courtesy of Kristin Brenemen

We have oatmeal a lot for breakfast in the winter. I generally make steel cut oats and I try to make them interesting sometimes by adding home canned fruit or apples and cinnamon. By this time of year though, I am hearing a bit of grumbling - and it isn't their hungry tummies.

However, I will not give in and buy cold breakfast cereal. I buy high-quality cold cereal occasionally in the summer, though I always prefer homemade granola. In the winter, though, it isn't happening. This morning, I came across a post at Robin's Heart of Wisdom/Heart at Home blog, which includes a huge list of toppings to spruce up oatmeal. Today is egg day at our house, but you can bet that tomorrow morning, I will be making jazzed up oatmeal!

Editing to add that I am not into all the 'low fat' and 'non fat' things she recommends. We will use this list as a stepping stone and substitute in the whole foods versions (or just skip some of the suggestions). Fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K, cannot be absorbed without fat. We, of course, don't microwave our oatmeal, either!


  1. Ooooh, that sounds so good. My husband can't stand oatmeal, and it seems that two of my kids got his genes in that area. I think I will make some for myself and whoever wants to give it a try tomorrow morning, though. I have nuts and raisins and dried cranberries on hand, so I think we'll give those a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Can't stand oatmeal?! That's too bad! I don't know what they would eat at our house. LOL! Have you tried steel cut oats? That is actually what we eat most of the time. They have a different texture than rolled oats. Whenever I make oatmeal, I also use a bit less water than is normally recommended so that they aren't quite so mushy. :)

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am not into all the 'low fat' and 'non fat' stuff on her list. For us, we'll be using the full fat versions so that they are more whole-foody. Remember that you can't absorb fat soluble vitamins, like vitamin A,D, E or K without fat.

  4. "Maple-flavoured pancake syrup"?! (It made her list a couple of times.) Why not use the real thing? My kids fav topping is frozen blueberries w/ maple syrup. (The frozen blueberries help to cool down the hot oatmeal.) I get tired of the same thing after awhile, but lately I've been using currants w/ hulled hemp seeds. I've also enjoyed coconut with chocolate chips (macaroon inspired :) , almond butter and raisins...dried cranberries and sesame and cinnamon...
    My kids don't like fruit cooked into the oatmeal, so we have separate toppings. (E likes date sugar & goats milk).
    I have an oat flaker, so we start w/ whole oats and can vary the thickness as desired...
    I'm glad my kids (well, 2 of the 3 that are old enough to eat breakfast, anyway) like oatmeal!

  5. Rachel,
    I'm not sure. I am so far from the world of maple-flavoured syrup that I can't begin to understand its use.

    Great ideas for toppings. Maybe I should put together my own 'whole food' list and publish it on the blog.