Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Faithful Home Helper

You have never met a more faithful or dedicated 10 month old baby. It amazes me how he searches out jobs that need to be done and does them. For example, we have a large bookshelf on our main floor that houses all the books we are currently using for homeschooling. Each day, several times, my baby guy will -- without being asked -- clear off all the shelves for us - faithfully cleaning them off so that they are spic and span. Also, we have a shoe shelf in our entranceway where everyone has a particular spot for their shoes. Baby guy will take the initiative once a day to clear off the whole shelf. It amazes me how tidy he likes the shelves to be.

Other examples? If there is anything placed on the coffee table, he is right on it. He clears it off for us in a flash. He is also very fond of making sure any baskets or bins are cleaned right out. If he comes across a bin with something in it, he will give it a quick turn over to make sure it is free and clear of any clutter. I only wish we could all be so motivated to keep things as tidy as he does.

He even likes to get involved in the daily table jobs. Three times a day, after each meal, it is my 10 year old son's job to vacuum under the table. No matter where baby guy is, no matter what he is doing, he will always drop everything to come right over and unplug the central vac again and again for us while the vacuuming is being done. No one asks him. He comes just like that. Isn't it amazing?!


  1. Heheee! what a helpful little dude!

  2. I have four sons like that..... Or at least, who went through that stage...

  3. That expression you caught in the photo is priceless! What a cute little helper;).

  4. oh dear, i could not stop laughing. when i started reading your post, i thought 'what?? how on earth did christine teach him to do any chores, and what are they??' then i continued to read and couldn't stop laughing and picturing all of my little ones doing the exact same thing.
    what a great post!! thanks for the smile!! ;-)