Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sewing + Knitting = Sewing for my Knitting!

What could be better?!

I made a few of these bags to keep my WIPs (works-in-progress) organized. It makes it easy to toss a project into a bag and also easy to leave a project lying around without my baby terrorizing it. However, this bag would work for anytime you'd like to be able to quickly identify or label the contents inside.

This is simply a basic drawstring bag with a toggle and a clear window. I was too lazy and cheap to go to the fabric store for some vinyl for the window, so I started scrounging around the house to find something suitable. I came across a clear zipper bag that our sofa cover came in. I found that it had a totally unnecessary pocket inside, so I cut it out. (Actually, I ripped it because, again, I was too lazy to go get the scissors.) It was enough to make about a half dozen little identification windows.

I cut a piece of the vinyl about 2 x 3"...

Interruption: OH MY GOSH! You should see how much my sweet little baby is walking right this very minute!! Very exciting. I knew he was advanced. ;)

...and then I turned one short edge under just a little and topstitched. After that, all that was necessary was to topstitch the remaining three sides to the bag where I wanted the I.D. pocket to go. It was a cinch.

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