Sunday, January 11, 2009

Socks for my Big Guy opposed to for my man or for my baby guy. ;)

My 10 year old son picked this yarn from my stash. I'm glad I asked him, as I had purchased some more boring guy-type plain colours and I thought he would have picked one of them, but he went for seriously snazzy. The pattern I used was Toe Up Jaywalkers. I did like the pattern, but I didn't believe I had to keep my gauge to the suggested and that got me into trouble. I normally knit a smidge tighter than suggested, as I like my socks to fit snuggly. With this pattern, though, it is not very stretchy at all, so you need to knit as written. My son can just barely get them over his instep! Oops! He certianly won't need the extra length I knit into them.

Here they are in all their colourful glory:

I'm now working on some plain vanilla (meaning just plain old knit -- though I'll probably rib the legs) socks for me and they are knitting up extremely quickly.

Sigh. I love knitting.


  1. Hi Christine - this is Evey from Ravelry - I was so sure that we would be paired up that I even bookmarked your blog and stated reading it to become familiar with you. If you did come in late for the cut-off - would you like to do a small private swap all the same? I have enough treats and ideas for 2 gift boxes. If you would like please e-mail me at

    I quite like your blog and will probably keep it bookmarked - printed off your list of housekeeping chores for the upstairs bathroom and hall - my 12 year old - Oscar - did not know how to start when I say "clean the bathroom" and your list has helped to make it manageable instead of overwhelming!

    Be well - Evelyn

  2. Christine-- Love the socks! Fantastic! I really, really must learn how to knit someday.

    Jen (jenmamahen)

  3. Thanks so much, ladies. Jen -- yes, you really MUST learn to knit. You will love it!

    Evelyn - glad to hear your ds has some direction for cleaning the bathroom. I really do think that kids can get into the habit of doing a haphazard job because they honestly don't know what 'clean' means. :)