Saturday, January 10, 2009

Professional Development for Homeschooling Moms

I heard an excellent tip on professional development for homeschooling moms which I would like to share with you. At the beginning of our homeschool journey, we are often very excited and will gobble up any books we can get our hands-on about homeschooling. Over the years, we can easily allow our freshness to wear off as we become familiar with homeschooling and settle comfortably into our routine. The recommendation I heard was to purchase (and read!) one book each year on homeschooling philosophy, something which will give you fresh vision, a new perspective and a few exciting ideas.

Each year at my local homeschooling conference, I select one book which I think will inspire and encourage me. If you are interested in Charlotte Mason's philosophy, you might consider purchasing one of the books from yesterday's list. I am also partial to the Clarksons' books. Particularly Sally's books on mothering are wonderfully inspiring. I have been continually blessed by adopting this idea of professional development. Making sure that we, as homeschooling parents, are kept fresh ensures that we will have the fuel to keep our 'vehicles' running when the road is bumpy.

I hope you have a wonderful, refreshing weekend. :)

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