Monday, April 6, 2009

"What are you doing for...?"

What a wonderful and very busy weekend I had! I just love going to my local homeschool conference. When I get to present a session, it is even better. :) The initial feedback I received was the moms left feeling inspired. I am very grateful to God that He made this happen.

Here is a quote from my prayer journal on March26/09:
I pray for my talk next weekend. I wish so much I was better prepared. Please help me pull things together this weekend. I pray it will really minister to the moms and dads in attendance. Let them feel your love and grace and freedom through my words. You are so great and so very gentle and so very good.
I never did pray that anyone would learn anything from my session. I do hope people had some good take-away, practical ideas, but my heart really just longs for homeschooling moms to feel the freedom that the Lord wants them to have when he calls them to homeschool.

One lovely mama at my session asked if I could post a copy of the overhead I showed that was a chart of the 'schoolwork' three of our children are currently doing. A copy of that particular overhead is below. When a child finishes a particular book or resource, we just replace it with a new one. I generally select the kids' books from the year on AmblesideOnline that corresponds to their grade number (though Ambleside years are not the same as grade levels in school). Our oldest daughter, who is in her grade 9 year is working mostly independently on Level 100 of the Sonlight Curriculum.

I hope this chart will inspire you when you see that we aren't doing a huge amount of 'schoolwork', but are getting wonderful results. I didn't indicate how often children are reading from particular books, as this varies according to age. We homeschool Monday to Thursday and generally get most of our work done by lunchtime. We usually do Nature and Art in the afternoons.

Click on the above image to enlarge in a new screen.

I'm happy to answer any other questions you have in the comments section of this post.
If you are visiting my blog for the first time -- Welcome! It is great to have you here. :)


  1. I am the 'lovely mamma' who asked you to post this and I am so grateful that you have! I am pouring over your blog and have sent a couple of my friends over here too...(Now if i could just find a way to print the WHOLE THING out, lol.)

    Thanks again for the session, it was fantastic. I am looking forward to following this blog.

    ps. I am also a big fan of breastfeeding - check out my site

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    It looks like we are 'kindred spirits'! It is wonderful that you are enjoying my blog. I love the terrific community of moms and women who visit me.

    Your site is very inspiring. I particularly enjoyed reading your 'about me' story. My story is quite different because my mom is a retired La Leche League Leader, so I grew up around breastfeeding and had tons of support from the beginning. Of course, it also helps that I didn't have one of those rare babies that flat-out refused to breastfeed, as you did!

    Dr. Newman and I go waaaay back, though he probably doesn't errrr...really know that. :) We visited Dr. Newman's clinic with our 3rd baby, who was tongue-tied. She was breastfeeding well, but annoyingly loud with her clicking tongue. I have also heard him speak (about 13 years ago!) and our oldest daughter's picture is in the book, "Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding". Love that guy. :)

    Anyway, welcome, Rebecca!