Friday, February 13, 2009

Nursing Strike Update

Well, after a loooooooooooooong three days, my baby guy is finally nursing again! I consulted with various friends, my naturopath and my chiropractor and we determined that he was both teething (molars) and clogged up from the sicknesses that have visited our home recently. His ears were pretty good, though one was a smidge inflamed, but not infected. Our naturopath recommended:
  • a homeopathic remedy for lymphatic drainage, four times a day
  • massaging his neck and upper shoulders to aid drainage
  • gently pulling his ears out away from his body a bit and moving them around to help his ears drain well
  • chiropractic adjustment
  • applying 'Respiratory Rub' to his chest and feet before bed, covering his feet with socks and his body with a couple of cozy layers
  • breastmilk to his eye (he has pink-eye) four or more times a day
Last night, as he was fussing around, I tried expressing some milk into his mouth and he got the best look on his face, as if he was saying, "Heeeeeeey...I remember that great stuff!" and he actually nursed for about 30 seconds with only a few bites. I couldn't get him to nurse again that night, but this morning, I repeated what I did last night and he had a great nurse. He seems to be back on track. Thank-you, Lord! I missed my little breast friend.


  1. It's wonderful when the Lord answers our prayers! Glad to hear he's interested again! My youngest son is 10 months...he was born March 25th. (He's still nursing also)
    Thank you for your comment & I'm enjoying your site!!


  2. hip hip horray! I remember when Aria went on a 3 day nursing strike the relief (physical and emotional) I felt when she was back at it!

  3. Thanks everyone. It is good to be nursing again! I was not enjoying my 'nursing' relationship with the pump nearly as much as my nursing relationship with my baby guy. :)