Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guess what I'm not doing?

Nursing. :(

My 10 month old is officially on a nursing strike. He has not successfully nursed since he went to sleep last night. He chose to fuss and flip about on the bed on top of Steve and I last night instead of nursing the entire night. Anytime I try to nurse him, he bites. Ouch. He has actually been on the verge of a strike since about Sunday morning, but it has become a full-blown refusal to nurse at this point. I think it started because he has a cold and it was difficult for him to both breathe and nurse. Being the smart little fellow he is, he chose 'breathe'.

About mid-morning, I realized that all I was thinking about were breasts. If you have been a nursing mom whose baby has suddenly not nursed for a long period of time, you will know what I mean! As a result, I determined that I needed to get a breast pump - and fast. Fortunately, one of my dear friends has a pump belonging to another dear friend, which she agreed to loan to me. Although I am not an experienced pumper, I managed to 'download' 6 oz. pretty quick! Now, at least I can think about blogging about breasts.

Editing to add a picture of what my 'breast-friend' and I are doing to maintain our snuggly closeness during this little phase. :)

Later on, we will try nursing in the bathtub.

Have any of you had a baby on a nursing strike? What did you do to get them through it?


  1. My youngest did the same thing right before her first birthday- turned out she had a double ear infection. The doctor recommended pumping and giving her the milk in a sippy cup until she wasn't in pain any longer, and it worked!

  2. Hmmmm...ear infection. That is, of course, a possibility particularly since he already has a cold. I am giving him pumped milk in a sippy cup, but I do find that the pump does not work as well as my little babe!

  3. Hi Christine-
    I'm a fellow breadmaker but was curious as to where you buy your locally ground flour. I'm sorta local to you and would love to buy flour that I can trust! :)
    Thanks for your help - and I so enjoy your blog - keep it coming!

  4. Sure, Elizabeth. I buy my flour from The Flour Barrel in Guelph on Wyndham Street. It is Dover brand flour. Some friends have also said that Dover is now available at Costco in Kitchener, though I forget which sizes/kinds they said were there. :)