Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Blessing as a Family: Step Two

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I am re-vamping our Home Blessing schedule and assignments. If you would like to join me, please head over to my first post on the topic for your first step.

If you worked alongside me, you will now have your room-by-room task lists completed. Were you as surprised as I was how many little jobs there are needing to be done? I think I need to get myself some more kids!

The next step is deciding how often you would like to have each task done. I suggest you assign the frequency of the tasks according to your realistic ideals. So, dream a little, but don't be silly. An organized home is a blessing, but there is more to life than housework.

I am going to take my notebook and simply note beside each task one of the following:
  • D - for daily
  • EOD - for every other day
  • W - for weekly
  • BW- for bi weekly
  • M - for monthly
  • EOM - for every other month (my 14 year old is reading over my shoulder and groaned when I wanted to put 'BM' for bi-monthly)

If a task needs to be done less frequently than every other month, I would consider that to be different than the regular maintenance tasks we are scheduling here and would take it off the list.

After making the above notes, I am going to enter the tasks into the computer in an Excel spreadsheet to make things easier for the next step. My next post on Home Blessing as a Family will be about that. :)

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