Sunday, December 21, 2008

"I don't know how you do it."

Probably if you are reading this blog, you have heard this before. I hear this very frequently and it always makes me feel a little sad. I feel especially sad when I hear it from other homeschooling moms or other moms with lots of children. It is my heart's desire to minister to other moms by being a real person. I'm not going to unload all my baggage or to say anything that might hurt anyone in my life, but I am far from perfect and I do try hard to let that show. We all have struggles. We all have past hurts. We all have hang-ups. AND...we all have dirt in our homes (well, except for my friend Karen B. LOL!!)

You know, this being true, I think people must mean something different when they tell me they don't know how I do it. I think the real meaning behind this statement is the real reason so many people don't have more children today. I think what they mean is...

...they don't know how I can possibly handle all the adorableness that 6 children (that's SIX BABIES) brings!!! Frankly, I don't know how I do it, either! I know the Lord says He will only give us what we can handle, but sometimes I think he pushes me right to my limit of daily cuteness. Do you know how adorable is the sound of a crawling baby's hands slapping on the ceramic tile floor as he comes to find me? It is almost too much for one person to take. I think that is why the Lord has given me 5 other children and a husband - to spread the cuteness around, just so we will all be able to cope.

Next time, someone tells me they don't know how I do it, I will continue to answer honestly that it is only by the Grace of God. And, I will mean it.


  1. Awwww! That made me all teary. You are so right.

  2. My favourite, favourite post ever. Thank you. I've been grinning ever since I read it. And they ARE awfully adorable!! Especially, the current baby, he is almost edible.


  3. Thanks, ladies. It makes me teary WRITING it, too! :) What will I do when the babies run out? I know, I know -- Grandchildren. I know I will miss the middle of the night cuddles and nursing and...well, I'd better stop thinking of what I will miss and just enjoy what I have. :)