Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Don't Go Surfing...Let the Blogs Come to YOU!

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Awhile ago, I read an excellent article on 'subscribing' over on the Simple Mom blog. Up until this point, I had my blogs bookmarked individually. It took a fair bit of time to click on each one, only to find that many hadn't been updated. (Not many moms have time to blog every day.) Learning to subscribe to my favourite blogs was a real break-through.

Subscribing means that the blogs come to you whenever they are updated, just like getting a letter from a friend. I was concerned that all the updates would come to my e-mail account, cluttering up my inbox, but this is not the case. Using a free 'reader' page on the internet, you simply click to subscribe to the blogs you read. When they are updated, they will show up on your 'reader' page, all in one organized place. It is a huge time-saver and makes reading blogs much more fun. You can even organize the blogs you have subscribed to by category (ie. inspirational, homeschooling, cooking, crafts), if you like.

Rather than trying to give you all the information on subscribing, I am going to refer you to Simple Mom's fantastic article. Taking a few minutes to understand RSS subscribing will be well worth it, I promise!

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas tomorrow!

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