Monday, October 27, 2008

The Look of Love

Awhile ago, I read that the way a wife greets her husband when he arrives home from work is very important to their relationship. The author of the article suggested that, regardless of whether or not I feel like it, I should make sure my face lights up with a smile when my husband comes home from work or an outing, or even when he just walks into the room. The idea is to let your husband know that he is really special to you with simple good, old fashioned body language. The benefit is that it is not at all difficult to do and, if you are not feeling particularly loving, it can go a long way to changing your own feelings and perceptions.

I gave it a try and was thrilled to see how such a small thing set a warm tone for the rest of our evening. I enjoyed doing this so much that I decided to try it with my children, too. I don't 'come home' very often, since I am already at home, but I do try to remember to greet my children in the morning with a smile and a face that lights up as they walk into the room. I think, mainly, I want them to know that I like them. Most children know that their parents love them. Parents show love with all the things they do naturally as they care for their children's needs. That isn't the issue. They need to know they are liked, that I want to be around them and that I enjoy their company.

In The Discipline Book, Dr. William Sears says that, When a child feels right, he will act right. We, alone, are not fully responsible for how our child feels inside, but communicating that we like them can go a long way to nurturing the attitude that a child believes he is a worthwhile person.

I encourage you to try letting your face light up when you greet your children and husband this week. It will reap beautiful benefits for your whole family. Don't forget your babies, too! My current baby is a very erratic napper and often awakes just when I am finally sitting down to some personal time or doing something with another child that I would prefer to do baby-free. However, I always make sure to greet him with a big huge smile and tell him how happy I am to see him. It never fails to change my grumbling into gratefulness. :)

Are their any small, easy things you do to show your family they are special to you? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Wow, Christine! Just this morning alone, how many times have I found myself with a near-glare on my face, not because I'm angry, but just because I wasn't bothering to smile! That really needs to change! Thanks for the eye-opener. (Why is 'smiling at my children' such a novel idea today? That really does say something about me lately that I'm quite ashamed of.)

  2. Thank you again Christine! i love your tips!