Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Gift-Knitting for a Baby

WHY does she always make me do the hat modelling?!

A terrific guy that Steve works with just had his second child and is returning from paternity leave today. In my usual fashion, I didn't begin to make the baby's gift until Wednesday. Fortunately, I chose two quick-knit items.

First up, a little Norwegian Baby Hat. I just love this style of hat. It is very cozy warm because it fits snuggly, has ear flaps and, best of all, ties on so baby can't remove it (which is probably the number one reason it is cozy -- because it isn't on the ground, but on the baby's head!). This is a super easy and free pattern, but I add a caution. If you are making one, please watch the sizing. Many knitters have complained that, even though they get gauge, the hat turns out way too small. I actually cast on the smallest size (6 months) at first, but it was so small that I ripped it out and began again with the largest size (2 years). As you can see in the pictures, it just fits my 11 month old without much room to grow.

In keeping with my love for sock knitting, I also made a pair of baby socks in about a 12 month size. I used a fabulous pattern for the leg which is very simple. To do this pattern, you need a multiple of four stitches. (I used 32 stitches with a sport weight yarn and a gauge of about 7.5 sts/in). It is a four row repeat. On rows 1-3, you K2, P2. On row 4, simply K2tog without slipping them off the needle, then reinsert the needle into the first stitch, knit it and slip both of the needle, then P2. Easy peasy. I like this pattern, called "Baby Cable" because it is nice and stretchy.

I was able to knit both these items from a single skein of Louet Gems Sportweight 100% superwash wool, which I purchased from my local yarn shop. I still have enough leftover to make baby guy a pair of socks, too. (I used the 'Caribean Blue' colourway.)


  1. Those are both so cute! I love the pattern on the socks.

  2. Those are so adorable! I love the chubby legs in the socks photo.

  3. Thanks ladies! :) I love knitting for babies because the stuff is ready so quick!