Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank you for your prayers!!

I spent an hour, with my dad, scouring the woods/dumpsters/roadside for my purse today with no luck. We did run into several people at the park who immediately went back to their vehicles, took their purses out of the front seat and put them into their trunks. It seems I am not the only one deluded into thinking our small town is immune to crime.

After realizing it was very unlikely that my purse was coming back, I started to make phone calls. The bank recommended closing our account and opening a new one since our cheques had been stolen. I didn't go with this option right away. I called Steve and we commiserated awhile on what to do about the bank account, the locks on the house (since there was a house key in my purse), the fact that I had NO identification since I kept all of it in my purse, etc.

Once we were finished talking, I noticed there was a message on the phone. It was Sargent Gordon calling to say that a gentleman had returned a bunch of the contents of my purse!! Woohoo!! The stuff is all mixed in with another lady's stuff, so I need to go to the police station and separate everything. I am trapped here for now, as my oldest is out (no babysitter) and my car is at the repair shop. Anyway, they have at least my driver's license and birth certificate and I think they have my chequebook and house key. I am just praying for the kids birth certificates and our health cards. I am also really hoping the thieves didn't take the $100 gift certificate to the lingere store that Steve gave me for our anniversary. Ha ha!

We're also hoping for Sophie la Giraffe's safe return.

It must have been a pretty depressing theft...I can almost hear them now, "WHAT?!? One cent? A bunch of baby toys? Diapers? A gift certificate for a BRA store?! This sucks!!" They didn't take my iPod, which was in plain view -- if only they'd known they could have listened to hours of knitting podcasts!


  1. So sorry to hear about your purse! I hope you manage to get all of the essentials without TOO much grief.

    I was just over at Greenwood Quiltery - they have a Debbie New exhibit in their gallery.
    If you get a chance to check it out it's phenomenal.

  2. How awesome it must have been to receive that call! I'm glad you got some of the contents of your wallet back. :0)

  3. Oh Christine~
    I'm so sorry to hear about the theft of your purse! I pray you get your giraffe back!

    How stressful!
    I remember went I was at the Homeschool YMCA class teaching swimming and someone stole my new shoes! I was pregnant at the time...and it was rainning! I was crying like a baby and was all shook up!

    I pray your nerves have settled!


  4. Thanks, everyone! I got back everything except: all the health cards, my VISA, a coupon for free ice-cream at Licks and a gift certificate for a local yarn store. (They were happy to honour it, anyway...and they're on the lookout for the criminal in case he comes in to get any yarn!!) Sophie la Giraffe was returned safe and sound. :)

    Rachel - I dropped in to see that exhibit -- absolutely amazing!

    Erna - It was wonderful to get the call. I couldn't believe how far away it was found, though. I thought it was just kids after school, but it was obviously someone with a car.

    Georgiann -- Ugh. How awful about your shoes. I don't understand the mentality of adults who think it is okay just to help themselves to someone else's belongings.


  5. Christine- I am so sorry that happened, the stress and frustration!
    I am glad some of it got found :)