Thursday, March 26, 2009

Handknit socks -- they're yours!

Okay, so they are only for one of you. :)

Last night, I finished a pair of socks based on Cookie A's Monkey socks. This version is a no-purl, toe-up, free pattern found here.

Don't worry -- they aren' t baggy. My 7 year old is my model for this picture. :)

These socks fit my feet okay, but not really great, so instead of wearing them, I'm sharing them! I have been wanting to do a giveaway for awhile and I thought now would be a great time. These socks are 90/10 superwash wool/nylon so they have a little strength and are able to go in the washer. I think they will fit best on someone with a shoe size of about size 7-9, but that is just a loose estimate. (They don't seem well-sized for someone with a very high instep.)

Please leave a comment if you would like to win them telling us something you love about your husband or child or someone else in your family. Don't be shy, even if you haven't commented before. I'm completely okay with that. I will ship anywhere, so comment away. I knit lots of love into them and am excited to share. :)

I will be drawing a name on Thursday, April 2nd before I go to bed and I will post the winner on Friday morning. I'll give instructions for contacting me at that point. Good luck!


  1. Oh Christine! i am happy to be apart of these socks, so it would be even better if i won them!
    Here i go...I love how my husband thinks a messy house means we actually got some school work done! he actually prefers it:)

  2. I am a Christian mom with six children that I homeschool-three boys and three girls. There is no way I could single out just one of my children to talk about because they are all amazing. From my 14 year old who has a great sense of humor and so fun to talk "mature" things with, to my 13 year old who is sweet, caring, and so talented, and my 10 year old who is creative and such a strong personality, she keeps me on my toes, to my 8 year old who has never had a bad day or a bad mood, he is all smiles and full of hugs, then there is my spunky 6 year old. Full of energy and giggles. Last is the 2 year old, the light and joy of the house, she brings a smile to all of our faces. How could a mother choose? How blessed I am to be given so many wonderful children by the Lord to raise for Him!

  3. OK, so I know that God has blessed many of you with great hubbies, but I'm sorry to say, mine is THE BEST. Tall, Dark and handsome...and totally supportive of me. (And I'm sure he'd love my feet wearing your socks! ;)
    thanks for sharing your blog w/ us all, C.


  4. Those socks are just gorgeous and I would love a chance to win them.

    I just adore my husband. He has been by my side since I was 13 years old. He is my best friend, my greatest supporter and a wonderful father to our two children.

    Maria, Denmark

  5. Oops - could you please delete the comment from 10:59 AM - I didn't mean to post under that blogger name.

    Hi! I found your site via ravelry today. We are planning on homeschooling our 2 (plus any more that arrive God-willing) children. My husband is the most wonderful Christian partner I could ask for : He truly understands the dignity of womanhood and motherhood and thinks I have the hardest job in the world even though he is "the breadwinner."

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful socks!

  6. Hi Christine~
    I was just saying to myself....I wish I could have a pair of those socks.....I was covetting your socks LOL!
    Then to find out I could WIN them! WOW!

    I am married to the best husband and have 6 kiddos so far!
    My favorite thing about my husband is his genorous heart and the way he gives to others. He gives so freely.
    He provides well for us and allows me to stay home with the kiddos!
    My kiddos are great too!

    Peace and blessings,

  7. My hubby pushed, pulled and dragged a huge, heavy piano yesterday onto his truck, through our awkward doorway and up the steep stairs into our back room. With friends he had rounded up and with a sore knee. Just because I asked him to. Love that man.

  8. When I was little, me and my Dad used to poke each other's noses and say "beep" instead of (or in addition to) normal goodnight kisses. I'm about to graduate from college now, but whenever I'm home we still do it. It's kind of silly, but I love it.
    And apparently when my little sister was born, the first thing I did when I met her in the hospital was poke her nose. Whih apparently made her cry.

  9. beautiful socks!

    My husband to be... really soon :) June 20th is the big day! is a very serious and hardworking guy to the rest of the world... and when I am having a bad day, or feeling down - he is the silliest and goofiest person I know. No matter how bad things get, he can ALWAYS make me smile, and if things are good... still smiling. He is my most favorite person, my hero

    good luck to everyone :)

  10. My husband has one of the strongest work ethics of anyone I know. I know it's not the most romantic thing to say, but it really blows me away. His amazing sense of integrity is second to none! He's currently employed by the Federal Government and I'm excited to see where we'll go and how far he'll go. The Lord knows that this country could use someone like him!

    Great socks, Christine!

  11. Dear Christine,

    Love your blog and love your socks. You are very talented. Your blog encourages me so much. You are so uplifting and looking at the good in things. Thank you.
    My husband of 22 years is the most wonderful man I have ever met. He is not worried about if the house is neat or if we got everything done on our list for the day. He is worried if we are happy. I love him so very much. God truly blessed me with my perfect partner.

  12. My hubby and I have been married for almost 31 years. We met in the 8th grade. We have two adult children in their twenties. I love him because he is thoughtful, helps out at home, especially when I'm sick, he works and has always put family first. I love my son and daughter and have been blessed w/ my family.
    Also luv your sox and would be thrilled to win them. Couldn't believe you are giving away a pair. My birthday is soon so maybe I'll get "lucky" and win them. Thanks anyway if I don't. Someone will enjoy them!

  13. Christine,
    I'm not in the running for your beautiful socks, but just wanted to say what a great thing for you to do and I'm glad that I'm not in your shoes to have to pick someone to give them to! Have a great time picking and the Lord bless your generosity, from one sock knitter to another!
    Monique (momoftwelve on ravelry)

  14. Hi Christine. I love the socks. Maybe one day, I'll knit a pair of my own. Never got past the ankle yet!

    This year my husband and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. And the following month I'm due to have our 5th child. We are so blessed! Last week he missed out on a job that would have meant a lot more money and security for us all. He was so disappointed, not for himself, but because he feels such a responsibility for providing for and looking after us all. I'm lucky to have him!

  15. Hi Christine,
    Don't count me in for the give-away, just popped in to say Hi. Now I get to add - gorgeous socks and what a nice idea you have here (although it doesn't surprise me one bit) ♥