Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bitten by the Bug

...the flu bug, that is! I will spare you a photo.

We are very rarely sick, so everything kind of shuts down when we end up with an illness. (My 10 year old son, with the immune system of steel, of course is not sick at all.) I think we are on the mend, but I wanted to apologize for not posting in the last few days. I do have a post on night-weaning drafted out which I will post in the next day or two. I also have a cool knitting project to show you when I can get a picture up.

I hope everyone is making lots of whole wheat bread! I gave six of my loaves to my sister on the weekend so I need to use my new mixer again. Darn. ;)


  1. Oh dear, I am so sorry you are sick. We had the flu here last week. We were able to keep it to only three of us by keeping sickies and healthy people seperate. It wasn't easy, since the not sick two year old still sleeps with the sick mom and dad, but somehow we managed not to pass to him. Only my 6 year old got it. Hope you are all better very soon!

  2. Thanks, Sue. :) That was very dedicated of you to quarantine. I was too lazy, so I'm sure many paid the price. I guess in my head I figured by the time we knew someone was sick, it was probably too late...but maybe it wasn't. I might try that next time.

  3. Hey Christine! i heard you were sick and have been hoping for a quick recovery for your family! Get well soon.