Saturday, January 17, 2009

Made up and ready to go!

I have loved make-up since I was thirteen. I remember being on a grade 8 school trip to our nation's capital, Ottawa. I had $40 of babysitting money all to myself to spend anyway I wanted. Our chaperones let us loose in the mall (???) and a friend and I headed for the nearest drugstore where I blew all $40 on a bunch of CoverGirl. I never looked back.

Each day, I would faithfully rise early and spend about an hour or an hour and a half doing my hair and make up. In 9th grade, it took a long time to get that ridiculous poof of bangs just right on the top of my head. Of course, at lunch hour, I would also need to head to the bathroom to 'refresh' my hair and makeup. Fortunately, I had an extra stash of makeup and a butane curling iron in my locker.

Nowdays, my make up routine is much simpler and I have graduated beyond CoverGirl. Sometimes my routine is non-existent, but I admit that I do feel great when I have put on a bit of make up and done my hair a little. (I don't do the poof anymore, though.)

If you are a mama who likes make-up, I thought you might enjoy this great post on applying mascara. I enjoy reading the Elsa Beauty blog and I found her post particularly helpful.


  1. My daughter has a beauty blog too, if you'd like to see the current version of your teenagerhood.

  2. Thanks for sharing, MamaSquirrel! I'll run right over there!

  3. I did the poof thing... Oh my~!