Monday, December 15, 2008

One-Step Menu Planning

Menu Planning in One Easy Step:
1. Ask your five-year-old what she thinks you should have for dinner tonight.
"I think we should have chocolate chips for dinner...or, we could have soup."
Soup it is! (Wasn't that easy?!?!!)


  1. I am impressed. At least you get some kid of answer. My kids always say, "anything is fine." I should have learned by now not to ask, but the question just pops out!

  2. That was great!

    I have to say that there have been days we've had oatmeal, or just toast, or well, there was the day when we had leftover brown rice with margarine and brown sugar. Now, I must admit that none of those times did I ask for supper suggestions. Maybe that would have been a good idea!

  3. Sue...I'm actually impressed that your kids are fine with anything you make!

    Jennifer, I think we have eaten pretty much all of those things as a meal before. I think that is good stewardship -- no point letting good leftover brown rice go to waste! :)

  4. DH came home one night to find us eating oatmeal. The next day he came home with a car load of groceries. I thought we had a great, healthy meal. He felt like a bad provider! It's all about perspective. Much of the world lives on some sort of porridge. A little maple syrup on top and we feel rich.