Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Book Organization

For a long time, I wanted to make our Christmas books 'special' by taking them out in December and giving them a dedicated place for everyone to enjoy. It would always be a pain in the neck to go around to our various bookshelves and try to collect them. Inevitably, some would be missed, or of course, misplaced! A number of years ago, I solved the problem by creating a special box they could be kept in.

I took a sturdy, cardboard box, tucked in the flaps on one end and wrapped it in Christmas giftwrap. I actually added some nice ribbon and a pretty matching bow, but this has since been ripped off. You can imagine that part. It was really quite lovely. However, this is 'The Real Life Home', not the 'Faked for Photos' home, so I decided to leave it as it was instead of fancying it up for you. (I also photographed the box in front of a real life wall in our real life home, complete with real life gouges in our baseboard!!)

I keep the books in this box during the year on a shelf in our basement and when December 1st comes along, everyone is excited to take out the box. I like the idea of the box looking like a gift because I think books are a wonderful gift from God to His children.


  1. Love it!

    And love the 'Real Life Home' not the 'Faked for Photos' home. Although, if this was my home, there would be some dirty socks in the book box. And they wouldn't be home-made socks either! You are amazing.

    Sandy Rusby Bell

  2. Oh, there have definitely been dirty-non-handknit socks in our book box at some point, I'm sure. In fact, you should see our floor right this second. We just got home from a Highland dance recital, dragged all our stuff in, dumped it and I went to check the e-mail instead of cleaning up!