Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Nail-Biting Knitting Moment

I am currently knitting the most lovely pair of Vine Lace Socks, which were the 'sock of the month' club kit from The Knitter last summer. (I didn't start them until a few months ago.) Tonight has been a roller-coaster of knitting emotion! At various times in the evening, I have been sure I will run out of yarn, only to re-consider a few rounds later. Then, I would see how much I have left and how quickly the yarn seems to be disappearing and change my mind again. Steve has been faithfully cheering me on, saying he thinks I will make it. (I think he was just trying to prevent another fiber purchase.) I was so sure that I was going to run out that I actually contacted Judy at The Knitter to see if she had more yarn in the right dye lot. She does!! However, by the time she got back to me - less than an hour after I contacted her - I was already starting the decreases for the toe and I hadn't run out of yarn, yet! The photo above doesn't fully capture the dire situation I find myself in. It is actually a bit deceptive in how much yarn it appears I have left. It is really very little.

The suspense is killing me! Will I make it? Will my sock be left with only a few stitches left to complete and no yarn? Or, will I complete a successful toe, kitchener stitch the end closed and have a few inches to spare? Tune in tomorrow to find out!


  1. That is so funny! I have had some of those exact moments when I am knitting unicorns...most of them I "made it" but I remember one "moment" that dragged on forever...and into a five-store search for the exact yarn and finally after three hours I had to order it online! LOL!

  2. I'll bet that ended up being one expensive unicorn, Kristie! :)