Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cozy flannel fitted sheets

My husband has been suggesting that I might consider a) turning on the heat, for heaven's sake and b) putting the flannel sheets on the bed. I have been putting off turning on the heat to save money, but also because I knew our furnace filter needed changing. I haven't put on the flannel sheets because our fitted sheet has a hole worn through it and we needed a replacement.

Anyway, I can proudly say that yesterday, when my hard-working husband arrived home from work, I had the furnace on (with a fresh filter installed, by my very self!) and I had a nice, new chocolate brown flannel sheet and new matching pillow cases on our bed. I am fairly particular about what kind of sheets I like to put on our bed. There is no point getting cheap ones because they will wear through. The particular sheet mentioned above was used for about 4 seasons, which I think is quite good. I like to use IBEX blanket flannel because it is so durable. I can find flat sheets, but never find fitted and certainly not fitted ones that will fit the newer, deep mattresses. The answer? I make my own fitted sheets. I know lots of you think you can't sew, right? I'm telling can do this project! I promise, it is very easy AND very rewarding AND it doesn't take much time. I managed to finish my sheet/pillow cases while Mr. Erratic Napping Baby took a rare 1 hour nap.

First of all, I found about several yards of IBEX blanket flannel remnants at the local cheap store. :) I have also used IBEX flannel flat sheets and converted them. These are easily findable at thrift stores if you keep your eye out for them. Then, I followed the trusty instructions at this site. Her math may look complicated at first glance, but if you just trust her and plug in your measurements, it will come out very well...I promise. I have used her instructions for dozens of sheets over the years, including sheets for the beautiful maple cradle my father made, which is not a standard size and the futon two of our girls sleep on. All of my sheets made with these instructions have fit perfectly. You can even use the instructions to make fitted sheets for dolls' beds or to make waterproof mattress covers for children who might need them. while I was searching for a picture of IBEX blanket flannel to link you to, I actually found out that you can get fitted sheets. Humph. I'll bet they aren't as nice as mine are...and they are certainly more expensive. ;)


  1. That is very cool! I have never tried to make a fitted sheet, i have found that i can only fine IBEX flat sheets as well! I did make a duvet cover for a twin bed once with a very soft IBEX sheet and it our kids favorite. Thanks for the link Christine!

  2. Your duvet cover sounds great, Monique! Snuggling under a cozy blanket in the winter is probably my favourite part of the season. :)